Previously Loved Items

It's genius!  Help raise funds for our PTSO and get rid of items you no longer want or use.


PTSO is collecting donations of your previously loved items as a fundraiser. Collections take place in CSUDH Parking Lot 4A from 8:15 to 9:00 am or until the van fills up. Rain or shine.


Tax-deduction receipts are available. We will also collect an hour before the start of Back to School Night, Taste of CAMS, and Open House after-school special events.



  2019 2020  
  Sep 9 Jan 13  
  Oct 7 Feb 3  
  Nov 11 Mar 9  
  Dec 9 Apr 13  
    May 11  






  • Clothing, shoes, purses, accessories, hats, scarves, wallets, backpacks, jewelry
  • Small electronics and appliances, power tools, radios, stereos, speakers
  • Sporting goods/equipment, bicycles, tools, lawn and garden items
  • Dishes, cookware, utensils, blenders, mixers, all kitchen items
  • Books, records, CDs, DVDs, computer software
  • Small furniture, lamps, storage items
  • Home decor, wall art, picture frames, baskets, candle holders, holiday items, crafts
  • Towels, bedding, curtains, linens, fabric



  • Auto parts: Tires, mufflers, fenders, etc
  • Mattresses, bed pillows
  • Construction materials: lumber, pipes, tubs, cabinets, carpet, doors, windows
  • Damaged furniture: torn, soiled, or in need of repair
  • Computer components: monitors, laptops, keyboards, etc
  • Flammable products, Hazardous materials, weapons, ammunition
  • Large appliances or large TVs in cabinets, CRT "tube" TVs
  • Swing sets, car seats, cars, boats, food medicines
  • Anything large that cannot fit into a minivan (unless other arrangements are made)